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#15/100: Saddle Up

Red's Wrap

Some people who were walking on the trail stopped to watch us slowly ride by, my daughter, granddaughter and me, on our rented horses following Amanda, our guide. They waved at us and told us to have a good time but gave the appearance of finding three women and a 10-year old girl on horses on a horse trail in a part of San Diego County layered with riding stables as something unusual and worth watching.

And immediately, it flashed in my mind that I should somehow tell my granddaughter that this is what makes life the richest – being watched rather than being the watcher. Being on the horse instead of hanging back and thinking that riding a horse is something that only other people do. And maybe I didn’t even have to tell her this. She’d gotten on her horse with no fuss even though she was scared…

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2 thoughts on “#15/100: Saddle Up

  1. Loved it Susie. My kids used to take each other water skiing behind a little Livingston boat w/ a 6 hp motor & some of the spectators were aghast that I would allow it. They were like 5 & 8.


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