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Writing Letters is a Lost Art, and now, so is…

…learning cursive! I came home one day to find my grandson and his father huddled over a spiral notebook at the kitchen table. Hud was laboriously practicing the letter H in cursive. IMG_1254 Now in fifth grade, he told me that cursive  is no longer taught in his school, so I credit Sam for insisting that it is important for him to be able to at least sign his own name in script. Granted, his printing is fine and legible, but how can it be that handwriting is no longer a lifetime skill that requires instruction and practice? I don’t get it – makes me wonder what else is being dismissed as time-consuming and irrelevant ? Having been a teacher, I know there are only so many hours in a school day, but I believe handwriting is such a personal thing to develop from the time a child can grasp a pencil that it should not be eliminated from the curriculum. There are some things computers and spell check should not replace. Learning to write in cursive should not be one of them. My Dad was a master of letter writing , and I loved his long newsy pages written in flowing ink, and signed in his own inimitable style. His H’s were near perfect, and with practice, I believe his great grandson’s will be too!

6 thoughts on “Writing Letters is a Lost Art, and now, so is…

  1. My mother has always been a letter writer and her penmanship is beautiful.
    Arthritis at 97 years of age is now curtailing her writing. So, I find the cards and notes she has given me will carry her with me…forever.


  2. I have also heard that cursive writing is no longer being taught in our schools, and I think it is sad, in the future, will we no longer have to sign our names on anything?


  3. Of course, I agree 100%. Writing things down imprints information in the brain. There must be something their little brains are missing. At the very least it’s a form of art.


  4. Thanks for being one of those former teachers who we owe so much to. Those in charge of the public school systems are leading our kids and nation down the wrong course. I feel “Common Core” needs to be stopped and we need to empower state and local individuals to set educational teaching methods, standards, and goals.

    Your words speak truth and I hope people listen.


  5. I’m a middle school teacher and was shocked to discover that this was not being taught in elementary school anymore. In fact, my students can’t even read cursive writing. It’s like a foreign language to them! Great post! 🙂


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