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My Postscript on Buying Hyacinths….

Somehow the text that went with yesterday’s photo seems to have disappeared into thin air. I’ve made futile attempts to retrieve it, but have come to the conclusion I just screwed it up – so, here is what I said…

I’ve had this verse by Omar Khayyam in my wallet and on my refrigerator for years:

                                                            If of thy slender store two loaves to thee are left,

                                                                         sell one, and with the dole,

                                                                      buy Hyacinths to feed the soul.

I’ve always loved the sentiment, but now that I’m categorized as an elderly golden aged senior citizen, (when just an old broad would suffice), the gist of the verse is more significant. Now I often pause to ask myself, “Do I want it or do I need it?” My answer to myself is invariably, “What you already have, honeygirl, is way more than enough .” Which is not to say I don’t still want it…

My next door neighbor is my Wilson. We can cover the state of the world, best fish fries, and thrift shop treasures on any given day, but recently he suggested a perfect avenue to stock my store. As a result, I’ve rented a space in a local well established  antique mall where I’ve made many interesting new friends. Not only has this encouraged me to clear out some clutter in this old house, I now have a purpose for one of my favorite pastimes here, and upnorth in the summer – exploring flea markets and garage sales. Hot Dam, what fun!

Simply stated, I’m content with my life, and I already have all the things I need to make me happy… my family, my friends, a black Lab, books to read, a purpose – and of course, an occasional Hyacinth to feed my soul.



2 thoughts on “My Postscript on Buying Hyacinths….

  1. I received the photo of the beautiful hyacinth and the full text via my e-mail.  I loved your offering!  When I was done reading it, I looked for more to read.  Your voice/expressions pull me in and I do so enjoy your blog!  Can’t wait to read more.

    Love you!!  



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