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The Essence of Emily

It’s the middle of May, and soon homework at the kitchen counter will be a thing of the past. The last prom, looming finals and finally – GRADUATION!  Growing Up Emily has been everything, you name it, but never a dull moment:

dead on with a bow and arrow; beautiful in a prom dress


working at it ’til she got it right:


that began and ended with fine results:



A fierce competitor on the volleyball court:IMG_0646.JPG

a terrific bunch of best friends:IMG_0152

and a special more than good buddy:IMG_0007.JPG

always ready for fun and a dare:IMG_1365


I watched her as a toddler determined to lug this huge rock a long distance to the cabin.        Little wonder that being Emily’s grama has simply been amazing:IMG_0321.JPG


ROCK ON, MY DEAR – can’t wait for what’s next!


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